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Constructing A Masterpiece – Have A Look At The Bugatti Veyron’s Engine!

Bugatti Veyron’s Engine This video is from the Bugatti Veyron Engine’s Assembly Line and you can see the unique process of constructing a Bugatti Veyron’s Engine! Check it out!! Source:

How bullets are made , how they work and why they do damage!

How bullets are made seems to be the most interesting part of their existence. Of course, the science behind them is essential and that why the makers need to take everything into

How a grenade works , what’s it made of and the history behind it!

How a grenade works ? A hand grenade is one of the most common type of grenades that soldiers use on the battlefield. So, how a grenade work and what it’s made

How wire is made – Fiber optics and everything else about them!

How wire is made and everything about optic fiber or even metal wire rarely comes to our mind. We use the Internet and the phone and we hardly ever wonder about the

How To Make Your Own DIY Digital Display For Under $100!

DIY Digital Display This two young guys are the creators of the OffBeat Garage Youtube channel, where they are showing what it takes to build a drift car and and some other awesome stuff

Piston Balancing – How To Do That Process Yourself!

Piston Balancing A step-by-step video tutorial showing you how to balance your pistons yourself. Done on a set of cast Toyota 4A-GE smallport pistons. The same procedure can be applied to many

Full Engine Assembly Of a Toyota 4A-GE Engine!!

4A-GE Engine Here’s a stop motion time lapse video of a full assembly of the Toyota 4A-GE 16v engine, as found in the ae86 Trueno Levin Corolla, Toyota mr2 aw11, as well

Multi-plate Clutches – How It Works!

multi-plate clutches A clutch is a mechanical device that engages and disengages the power transmission, especially from driving shaft to driven shaft. Clutches are used whenever the transmission of power or motion

What Is Torque Converter And How Torque Converters Work?!

How Torque Converters Work In modern usage, a torque converter is generally a type of fluid coupling that is used to transfer rotating power from a prime mover, such as an internal

Inside The Screaming V8 Of The Ford Shelby GT350!

Ford Shelby GT350 For years the flat-plane-crankshaft V8 has been found in Ferraris and other Euro-exotics, primarily because of their powerfully sonic, high-revving, highly extroverted character. Now Ford offers one in a