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7000 HP Top Fuel Dragster: The world’s sickest sand-flying machine!

Have no doubts, with 7000 HP this Dragster is the best of the best! Wonder what sand drag racing is? Well, it is exactly as it sounds- sick and sandy! Cars and bikes

This Turbocharged Volvo Defeated a Lamborghini, Corvette, and MORE! That was a Hell of a Race!

Drag racing is an interesting way to have fun with the most powerful cars. This drag race was between one super-fast turbocharged Volvo, Lamborghini, Corvette, and some other fast cars. The Volvo

Wild wheelstanding Gassers on the loose!

These two mind-blowing wheelstanding gassers were spotted at the 6th Meltdown Drags on 07/18/2015. They are really loud and powerful and there are many amazing things that can be done with them.

Check out the craziest world’s greatest drag race 4!

Ladies and gentlemen, the Motor Trend’s World’s greatest drag race 4 is here! Of course, the participants are 10 of the best supercars and sportscars . They all made their way here,

The American 2014 Corvette Stingray goes against the Japanese 2014 Nissan GTR!

Let’s start with the GTR that is capable of producing 545 HP and 463 pound feet of torque out of the amazing 3.8-liter V6 twin-turbocharged engine. Each twin-turbo is assembled from highly

The 2014 SEMA drag race is the most extreme of them all!

The SEMA 2014 drag race came and went but, it left a mark because it showed a ton of heavily modded goodies.  This particular race brought together a ridiculous mix of vehicles

This 1000 HP Dodge Cummins is a real killer on the track!

When it comes to scooting down the track, in a timely manner, what comes to mind as the prime candidates are muscle cars or imports with big turbos- they almost always get

Brace yourself: A dinner table drag racer is on the loose!

Well, we surely didn’t see this kind of a racer coming on the track! No, it’s definitely not taking part of the competition but, who cares- there is a dining table on

“Problem Child” is the world’s fastest drag boat

“Problem Child” is the one of the few drag boats that is knocking us out! You can’t say that shattering the world record in no big deal! This thing is so powerful

The fastest Rotary RC Car in the world!

We have all come across some wickedly fast RC Cars on the internet but, this one is probably the quickest there is! This RC has a miniature Rotary engine and we cannot