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Komatsu D575A – The Biggest Bulldozer in The World!

Komatsu D575A Currently the largest bulldozer in production, the D575A has been produced by Komatsu Ltd. in Osaka, Japan since 1991. Surface mine operators in the United States, Canada and Australia are

Crushing Carbon Fiber With a Hydraulic Press – This Is What Happens!

Crushing Carbon Fiber Carbon fiber is an extremely strong and light fiber-reinforced plastic which contains carbon fibers. Although can be expensive to produce, carbon fiber materials are commonly used wherever high strength-to-weight ratio and

Ever Wonder How Chainsaws Are Made? Check It Out!

How Chainsaws Are Made A chainsaw (or chain saw) is a portable, mechanical saw which cuts with a set of teeth attached to a rotating chain that runs along a guide bar.

What Is a Drill Bit And How Drill Bits Are Made?!

How Drill Bits Are Made Drill bits are cutting tools used to remove material to create holes, almost always of circular cross-section. Drill bits come in many sizes and shape and can

Eight cylinder engine running on steam… Whaaaaat?

Eight cylinder engine This Eight cylinder engine is running on steam! We can’t imagine the amount of labor involved in the construction of this engine. In the first video of this engine,

3 Awesome DIY Ideas That Might Come In Handy!

Awesome DIY Ideas MrGear is a youtuber that creates all kinds of cool DIY stuff. In the video below, he shows us how to use some common items to create some awesome

Cryogenic Principles – Principles And Practices Of Cryogenic Engineering!

Cryogenic Principles In physics, cryogenics is the study of the production and behaviour of materials at very low temperatures. It is not well-defined at what point on the temperature scale refrigeration ends

Wood Splitter Compilation – Just a Few Ways To Prepare For Winter!

Wood Splitter Compilation Every now and then you see a life hack that will make your life way way easier. If you don’t have an electric saw for cutting wood, than you

Homemade Open Crank Motor On A Bicycle – How About That?

Open Crank Motor Anyone can strap a two-stroke engine on a bicycle to create a moped. But this guy has created something that is far more awesome. He’s built an inverted open crank engine

Facts About Light – How Does Light Travel?

How Does Light Travel Light is made up of little packets of energy called photons. Most of these photons are produced when the atoms in an object heat up. Heat “excites” the