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This NEW 2016 Plymouth Superbird conversion is Amazing, Isn’t it?!

Good thighs aren’t cheap and neither is this all new 2016 Plymouth Superbird. The price of this beauty will be approximately $58.500, but maybe this is a reasonable price because the base

Amazing Collection of 18 of the World’s Rarest and Classic cars!

The Allure of the Automobile presents this collection of truly beautiful cars, which was held at Atlanta’s High Museum of Art. These cars are very unique and rare. If you can choose only

60 minutes in heaven – the 2014 SEMA parade!

Check out the 2014 SEMA cruise! Until 2014 this so called “magic time” parade was unofficial but not this time! Custom cars leaving the SEMA Show- heaven does exist and it’s on planet

Amazing 1965 Chevy Impala “The Imposter”

That’s right! “The Imposter” is the winner of the Ridler award! If you’re looking at this beauty thinking that it doesn’t look very custom, well, we have to say we felt the same

8 most expensive cars in 2014

Check out the 8 most expensive cars in 2014!!! Lets keep on dreaming!!! 8. McLaren P1 – $1,100,000 7. Ferrari LaFerrari – $1,300,000 6. Koenigsegg Agera S – $1,520,000 5. Lamborghini Sesto

1970 Chevrolet Nova – Rides by Kam

1970 Chevrolet Nova. One of the best Novas out there made by Rides by Kam. Sick Black on Black look and amazing performances, 5.7 L Big-Block Chevy twin supercharged makeing 1500 HORSE

Craziest cars in the world (part 1)

Check out one of the craziest cars in the world from a Lego made car to a high heel and lot more :)) Lego car! Fiat 500 no doors no roof perfect

Ford Mustang GT 50 years anniversary

A great gallery of the 2015 Ford Mustang GT for the 50 years anniversary!! Ford will make only 1964 examples, they will have a 5.0L V8 engine with 420 horse power coming

BMW Concept Roadster

BMW Concept Roadster   The new BMW Concept Roadster is one of the coolest motorcycles out of the BMW factory ever produced, and it has the iconic boxer machine with a new

Brabus in Geneva

From smallest to biggest Brabus cars all black on black was one of the biggest stars in Geneva. Here are some of them.