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SpeedKore Performance’s 1970 Dodge Charger named Tantrum!

1970 Dodge Charger This 1970 Dodge Charger named Tantrum is a masterpiece made by the crafty hands of the specialists at SpeedKore Performance! This is the same team that was responsible for the awesome 1970

2015 Sema’s craziest ride: The Rusty Slammington BMW!

This right here is a BMW E28 that has been through hell and back, well, at least almost literally, because The Rusty Slammington BMW stems from an unfortunate E28 that survived a

A Street-Legal Steampunk Motorcycle By Solifague Design – “The Black Widow” !!

A Street-Legal Steampunk Motorcycle By Solifague Design – “The Black Widow”!! Steampunk has been an interesting form of art that just gives a classic look and unique design to average products.. Monson Haefel

This is how drag racing is done! Drag racing in the 70s

Many of you may say that drag racing in the 70s was the real thing. So, yes, this video has everything that can amaze us. Stunning cars from the best era ever

The Coolest Banana Yellow Tow Truck Ever!

If your mood gets much better when you see a custom tow truck just like this one, then you are more than welcomed in our team. With its amazing yellow color, this

Salvage yard for antique cars- The ultimate Gearhead’s field of dreams!

This salvage yard is like a shopping mall for gearheads!  Antique car lovers could spend their whole day at a place like this one. There can be found cars from the ‘40s,

This 200 MPH Plymouth Superbird is one mean ride!

This Superbird is loud! The guys at Goodwood Road & Racing recently visited Richard Petty. He is going to attend at the UK’s Festival of Speed so they decided to see what

The most expensive 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda was sold for $3.5M!

That’s right! This rare ’71 Plymouth Hemi Cuda was sold for astonishing $3,500,000 at Mecum Auctions, in Seattle. That’s the exact reason why we love the collector car market and think that it

Wicked Procharged Murder Nova is screaming power!

Murder Nova is no stranger when it comes to getting down is side by side drag racing. Nevertheless, all of that expertise doesn’t stay without a little practice here and there. Here

1968 Dodge Charger brought back to life after 25 years!

There are many vintage muscles, like this 1968 Dodge Charger, that are gathering dust in garages, barns, farms and lots of other places. It’s a shame to watch such amazing vehicles in