Monday , 21 May 2018


Grappler Police Bumper – The latest police car chase tool!

Grappler Police Bumper is a new invention that might be able to save the innocent when a high-speed police car chase takes place. Leonard Stock of Arizona is the one responsible for this inventions. The Grappler Police Bumper actually allows cops to remotely deploy a high-strength net from the front of their vehicle. The net then tangles up the other …

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This 72,000 Lumen Water-Cooled Led Flashlight Is Ridiculously Bright!

Samm Shepard, a college senior studying aviation technology says he likes to do “fun things” and then sometimes follow them up with a video. Well, this Water-Cooled Flashlight is one of those fun things. This insanely bright flashlight uses eight 100-watt LED chips which generate so much heat that he built a system with computer water cooling components to keep it from bursting …

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Steel forgings and the process of making them – Explained!

Steel forgings are more than heat and beat. In fact, that goes for any kind of forging. Forgings is a process in which a certain metal is heated and hammered or pressured under high pressure to form parts that show incredible strength. Now, if you want to work with metal, forging is something that will have to become somewhat of …

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HHO Generator – How to convert water into a power fuel!

HHO Generator or a DIY Oxy-hydrogen generator is a peculiar device that uses electricity to convert water into a power fuel. In the video below, you’ll see how you can build one all by yourself. So, how does an oxy-hydrogen generator, like this one, work? As I’ve already mentioned this HHO Generator uses electricity which helps it split water into …

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The Big Wind – World’s Largest Fire Truck Ever Built

This is the world’s Biggest and most powerful fire truck ever built, the Big Wind. This extraordinary vehicle is comprised of two 10-foot-long MiG fighter jet engines mounted on top of a 46-ton tank. It was designed by a team of Hungarian engineers originally as a means of mass decontamination for Cold War-era tanks in the event of a chemical, biological, radiological …

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