Tuesday , 19 March 2019

HHO Generator – How to convert water into a power fuel!

HHO Generator or a DIY Oxy-hydrogen generator is a peculiar device that uses electricity to convert water into a power fuel. In the video below, you’ll see how you can build one all by yourself.

So, how does an oxy-hydrogen generator, like this one, work? As I’ve already mentioned this HHO Generator uses electricity which helps it split water into hydrogen and oxygen gasses.  When these two are put together, they form fuel that’s a bit more powerful than gasoline itself. In addition, the only emission released is water!

Surely, to “create” a completely clean fuel, the electricity that generates the gas needs to come from a clean source. Water, wind and solar power are one of the few examples.

NOTE: This is NOT an energy generator – it’s an energy converted. The amount of electricity you need to make the gas is more than the energy you will obtain from it.

Check it out!!