Tuesday , 19 March 2019

NightHawk Tire Deflation Device – Awesome New Police Spike Tech!

NightHawk is a non-lethal, remotely deployed and remotely retracted tire deflation device, keeping the officers at a safe distance while stopping a pursuit vehicle. The system is designed to replace the outdated spike strip system.

It is a smart combination of high tech engineering and proven Stop Stick tire deflation technology packaged into a small case weighing less than 30 lbs.

This device is easier to maneuver than the hand-thrown units, the dual-button remote operates up to 100 feet away while deploying a string of Stop Sticks, keeping the officers safe and out of harms way.

NightHawk was developed by Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials Company to ensure police officers and public safety during vehicle pursuits. Deploying and retracting in less than two seconds, the device is extremely fast.