Constructing A Masterpiece – Have A Look At The Bugatti Veyron’s Engine!

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Red Bull’s new supercross style event Straight Rhythm

  The new event of Red Bull is basicaly a supercross track made in a straight line and it gives a new dimension and it is going to be super fun to

The most powerfull Honda Civic Type R ever

The new Honda Civic Type R is going to have a 2.0L turbo VTEC engine with more then 280 horse power. Their plan is to break the record for the best lap

Production of BMW X4

  BMW started producing the BMW X4 in the American factory in South Carolina, until now the SUV factory only produced the X3, X5, X5M, X6 and X6M. The video shows the


  The new Ranger Rover Sport comes with a full body redesign, 21 and 22″ rims and it comes with a 3.0L V6 engine that makes around 340 horse power and can

Audi R8 LMX

The newest R8 creation is preaty much the same as the standard R8, it only haves little exterior modifications and a new headlight technology, the laser headlight technology that is borowed from

Tesla competition with BMW 3 series!

Tesla is trying to make a better image of the electrical cars, and make them cheaper and the lead designer at Tesla, Franz Von Holzhausen comes out with some interesting news..