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Ramform Titan – This Is The Widest Ship In The World!

Ramform Titan The Ramform Titan launched in 2013,is a new class of seismic ship that is easily the most powerful and efficient in the world. Three variable pitch propellers provide 1.8 Megawatts

Extreme And Unusual Aircraft – Ekranoplan the Leviathan!

Unusual Aircraft For those not in the know, ekranoplans resemble a cross between seaplanes and hydrofoils. Essentially aircraft, they exploit a phenomenon called the wing-in-ground effect, where flying close to a surface

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Load Heavy Logs You need to load some heavy logs into your truck, but you don’t know how? Well who does! This guy came up with a simple winch/rail loading system, which

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Wooden Engine There’s something about reciprocating steam engines that is just fascinating. For this engine, the cylinder and valve assembly are made out of baltic birch plywood, the kind of plywood that

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Scuderi Engine – How Does The Scuderi Engine Works?

Scuderi Engine The Scuderi-engine, formally called the Scuderi Split Cycle Engine, is a split cycle, internal combustion engine invented by Carmelo J. Scuderi. The Scuderi Group, an engineering and licensing company based in

Infiniti Has Built A Variable Displacement Engine And It’s Spectacularly Clever!

Variable Displacement Engine The idea of a variable displacement engine is something that’s been around for years. Through cylinder shutdown technology, engines like Bentley’s W12 and Aston Martin’s new 5.2-litre V12 can